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rocksthecourt's Journal

Take my hand. We'll make it... I swear.

Klavier Gavin
Name: Klavier Gavin
Canon: Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
"Real" Name: David Gilmour
Room Number: M12
Roommate: Damon Salvatore
Age: 24
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Primary Language: English
Secondary Language(s): German, partial Borginian

Current Power Limitations: None.
Inventory: Here
Miscellaneous Facts: Works as both a Criminal Prosecutor and the lead singer/guitarist of a rock band. Very audibly sensitive. Slight "Euro-rock" accent. Borderline Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

Reference Links:
Aquilas - Nigredo - Crane

Bandaged Injuries
- Wound on upper-right side of head from M-U where both skin and skull was opened. Small area where wound is has been shaved bald. Currently stitched closed and underneath a taped gauze pad. Injury/bald spot is and can be hidden by hats and hoods.
**(Sustained NS 53; Recovery date - TBA)**

Unbandaged injuries
- Scar running from from high on the left cheek bone to about an inch away from his earlobe. Small, additional scar marks from the stitching.
-reference image-
**(Sustained NS 48; permanent)**

- Wound on left hand running from the gap between his pointer and middle finger down to his palm from when it had been split apart. Additional scars from where stitches have been removed. Almost fully healed, though still looks sore. Will hurt under strain of pressure or force, but no longer at risk of reopening.
**(Sustained NS 48; Recovery date - NS 60)**
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This is an RP journal for damned. Obviously the awesome people at Capcom own the character, not me.
Profile code by dreadofthegrave. Fanart by someone who isn't me. Found on tumblr. Let me know and I'll credit.